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Crochet is one of the top trends that will never go out of style.

From crochet bikinis, scarfs to dresses that look like your grandmother made it for you!  The runways were saturated with crochet styles this year! Vogue is on trend with how to wear crochet… read the article here. Tons of photos.  

Kourtney Kardashian in a rainbow crochet bikini! Here is a link to the article here of her Instagram post wearing a sexy rainbow crochet bikini while on vacation for her birthday with her friends. She looks amazing!

Xiocrochet Crochet Bikinis eco-friendly! Xocrochet super cool crochet bikini designs are not only gorgeous, they are eco friendly! Brooklyn-based designer Xiomara Morgan of Xiocrochet has been crocheting since she was 10 years old. With limited access to materials, Xiomara has been recycling and creating eco-friendly fashion for years – even before it became trendy. #crochet […]

Welcome to, As the youngest of eleven siblings in an American-Italian family, I developed an early appreciation for hand-me-downs that ultimately grew into a passion for vintage fashion (I wish I still had my sister’s genuine leather platform clogs!). My concept for began while I was planning my first tropical vacation. All I could think […]