Welcome to Crochet-Bikini.com!

Welcome to Crochet-Bikini.com,

As the youngest of eleven siblings in an American-Italian family, I developed an early appreciation for hand-me-downs that ultimately grew into a passion for vintage fashion (I wish I still had my sister’s genuine leather platform clogs!).

My concept for Crochet-Bikini.com began while I was planning my first tropical vacation. All I could think about was my sister’s white-hot crochet bikini, which inspired my quest for the sexiest red version I could find. Frustrated by my search and the poor quality of the swimsuits I found, I decided when I returned home that I would leverage my Web-development skills to create a retail swimwear site to help other women around the world experience the “au naturale,” sexy feeling a crochet bikini offers.

After testing several manufacturer’s designs, I am proud to offer the trendiest, highest-quality styles at affordable prices.

Enjoy your bikini!

I love sharing my passions which are technology, reading, eco-friendly living, yoga, healthy eating, painting, futurism, and traveling, at the moment I want to learn photography and to play my lyre harp! Through all of these, I hope to empower, inspire, and motivate you to bring out the best in you. ♥

Shine bright & radiate love!

XO Rita

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